Eat to live, not live to eat

Food! Without it we wouldn’t survive but while it provides so much nutrients and energy for our bodies and our minds sometimes it can be our worst enemy, like  a bad relationship. A relationship that plays endless mind games, leave you feeling worthless and like you have absolutely no control. All of these, something I can relate to in one or another.

I recently read a quote “eating should not be your favorite activity, but something you do to maintain your health”. For me, food was an emotional way out. To distract me from my thoughts and emotions. To fill what felt like an empty space. To give me that space in time when I wouldn’t have to think about anything but the delicious flavours that would ooze down my throat as I devoured copious amounts of anything.

I am petrified to be writing this. Not only to admit it to myself but to anyone who is reading this. It is amazing how you can be perceived by everyone around you but then feel like a completely different person to what people tell you are. I recently completed an 8 week challenge at my gym and when I told people I got the same response from them all, “Why are doing that? You don’t need to lose weight! You look great already!”

I didn’t tell people to hear that and while it was extremely flattering hearing it from so many people, I didn’t have the guts to tell them the truth. While I probably look healthy on the outside, I have a long way to go from my perspective on the inside. While I knew I probably had a few kilograms to lose, I begun this challenge to change the relationship I have with myself – to improve my healthy mentally physically and emotionally. If I had any weight to lose, my body would.

Over the 8 weeks I started doing some reading and research to find out what contributed to the overall health of a person and learnt a lot but know I still have a long way to go. This blog is going to be where I right about my journey to changing my love/hate relationship with food and myself to be that of love and enjoyments.

I can say that over the last 5 or so years I have found a place of happiness surrounded by amazing people. Some of these people new to my life, some lifetime friends. I want to share my journey to a healthier, happier me with you all hoping that you might benefit from a recipe or two along the way through this blog.

I want to surround myself with food that makes me feel as amazing and happy as those around me. A place where I can share my love of cooking and healthy, nutritious foods. For so long, I saw food as an emotional buffer but my recent gym challenge with F45 made me realise that it’s not about just changing your ‘diet’ but your mindset.

Like a bad relationship, food played terrible mind games with me for years and now it is time to take control. Food has significant impacts on the mind and can determine the way we react to stress and the challenges life throws at us. I have lived to eat for so long – the fridge would be one of the first places I would visit when I got home or the one of the first thoughts that popped into my head. I want to change that and share my journey of eating to live – living a healthy, nutritious life! I want this to be a place to find a nibble for every occasion that leaves us feeling revitalised and energised – not lethargic and guilty like I did for so many years.

Here goes nothing…


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